A leading company in the field of dermatology, aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery, it was founded in 1985 with the study and production of cosmeceutical products. Over the years we have specialized in the study of therapeutic diversified protocols and today we are able to offer quality cosmeceutical products that guarantee an effective solution to the problems of the skin through innovative methods of work, simple and safe but at the same time winning with treatment packs developed by world-renowned aesthetic doctors and plastic surgeons. SEEV, growing by constantly updating scientific research, currently has a large number of loyal customers throughout Italy; our efforts are recognized and appreciated also abroad, where we are already present in the market for the Arab countries, North Africa, Latin America, Europe and Russia. Our cosmeceutical products, fruit of the union between tradition and innovation, give nourishment, energy and beauty to the skin of face and body. The wide range of methods and product lines that we propose to combat the aesthetic problems related to the global balance of the individual give our customer a look in line with the ever increasing demands of modern society. The collaboration with the best professionals in the industry also helped to achieve with satisfaction important objectives and to deal with complex issues such as imperfections usually more difficult to solve.
Our ability to achieve these objectives is also given by the care we give to our customers, providing them with training courses carried out within our Pilot Centre of 500 square meters, located in Pomezia, the heart of the industrial center of the province of Rome. Corporate strategy works by sharing values and knowledge and it is aimed at continuous professional and technological research and production of active ingredients with molecules of 99% Purity translated ín PEELINGS, SERUMS, CREAMS, MASKS and COMPOUNDS in High Concentration for PROFESSIONAL TREATMENT and Low Dose for the HOME ones. We give the operator trustee SEEV tools and protocols for the solution of the most complex problems of the skin.



S.E.E.V.'s continuous research create new and more effective formulation.


The passion for beauty and well-being of the person push and stimulate today our company to continue with ever greater conviction.


The company has revolutionized and brought improvements to an entire industry with a philosophy aimed at creating even better cosmeceutical.


Our cosmeceutical products are based on specific active ingredients, the result of a constant research. Factor that is always associated to the constant development, which creates products cosmeceuticals tier.


For the quality of our cosmetics, but above all we want to raise awareness among our consumers this is why we provide them with assistance. In fact in addition each product has its own protocol.


SEEV is attentive not only to invest in research and update of its cosmeceutical products, but also to those who use them. For this reason respect all the current regulations.

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